Class 1 - 2015-2016

Class 1 at Broughton Primary School is part of the Early Years Unit, and incorporates the Nursery children. Mrs Wynne is the Nursery teacher and she is helped by Mrs Sarah Lomax.

All children follow the seven areas of learning and development as set out in the new 2012 Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication and Language; Physical Development; Literacy; Numeracy; Understanding the World; and Expressive Arts and Design.

These areas of learning are covered with a balance of teacher-directed and child-initiated experiences. The children's own interests are incorporated into the planning and resourcing, and their experiences are broadened further through a topic-based approach.

Autumn Term

Week 1

The focus of the first week in nursery was to re-settle those children who had been in nursery last year, having started in January or April. The children very quickly re-familiarised themselves with each other, the staff, the nursery environment and the classroom rules and routines.

We all enjoyed a wonderful week!

Classroom routines.

The children quickly started to select and use resources and activities independently both indoors and outdoors, and worked together really well.

The topic focus this half term is 'Ourselves'. We read the story of 'Elmer' the patchwork elephant to explore our similarities and differences, and to be proud of ourselves and learn to respect each other.
We made models of Elmer out of recycled plastic milk bottles and decorated them with colourful felt squares.

We learnt the counting rhyme '1 elephant went out to play upon a spider's web one day ...' and made elephant counting books. We took them home to teach the rhyme to our families and further consolidate our counting skills!

We decided to end the week by celebrating Elmer's 'special day' by baking and decorating some colourful Elmer biscuits. Having looked at a recipe, we realised we did not have the correct ingredients, so we went to the Broughton village shop to buy what we needed!

Week 2

Week beginning 14/09/15.

This week we welcomed our 5 new starters! They settled in very quickly and kept themselves busy with all the activities on offer.

The beautifully warm weather meant lots of water play outside - the nursery windows have never been so clean!

Week 3

Week beginning 21/09/15.

This week we continued our topic 'Ourselves' by looking at our bodies. We learnt some songs and action rhymes to point to and locate different parts of our body. We then chose one of the children (Lucy) to draw round the outline of her body shape. We used paint and collage material to 'colour' her in. We then took it in turns to select different labels to stick onto the matching body parts. You can see the results on one of our display walls.

We also thoroughly enjoyed listening to the story 'Funnybones'. We learnt about our own skeleton as well as doing lots of activities associated with the story.

Week 4

Week beginning 28/09/15.
This week we focused on 'Our home and family' as part of our topic work. We used the traditional tale, 'the 3 little pigs' to think about our own homes and families. We set up role play as a baby clinic and a doctors surgery.

Having listened to the big book version of the 3 little pigs, Mrs Wynne invited the children to the 3 little pigs puppet show. First, we set up a 'ticket office'. The children had to each purchase a ticket (at a cost of 3 unifix block.

Througout the week we enjoyed many other activities that involved the 3 little pigs. We made 'story maps' which rolled up nicely inside the model wolf we had made from cut up kitchen rolls. The children took these story maps home to share with their families.

We listened to, and joined in with a song 'the 3 little pigs rap'. We divided the class into 4 groups to accompany the song with percussion instruments. One group played egg shakers to represent the house of straw; one group played claves to represent the house of sticks; one group played drums to represent the house of bricks; and finally, two children played bells to represent the wolf climbing down the chimney and burning his tail in the pot of boiling water!

Week 5

Week beginning 05/10/15.

Our main focus this week was Harvest. We began by reading the story 'Little Red Hen'. We used all of our senses to explore grains of wheat and then compared that to flour. We looked at a non-fiction book about bread from around the world, and then had a 'bread picnic' whereby we tasted lots of different sorts of bread. We discussed the different shapes and sizes of the loaves of bread and the bread rolls. Finally, we made our own bread rolls and ate them with some delicious blackberry and apple jelly which had been made by Emily. It was delicious!

On Friday we walked to the church and enjoyed the harvest festival service and assembly organised by Class 4. It was fantastic!

Week 6

Week beginning 12/10/15.
Our focus this week was Autumn, and particularly Autumn leaves and seeds.
We started the week with a walk looking for 'Signs of Autumn'.

We learnt new songs about Autumn and Autumn leaves. We made ribbon sticks using Autumn colours and used them to accompany our songs and action rhymes.

We gathered dried leaves into one of our tuff trays and walked through them listening to the noises they made. We used some lovely describing words; crunchy, crispy, rustly, crackly. It reminded us of a bowl of cornflakes! Best of all we gathered armfuls of leaves and threw them up in the air and tried to catch them!

We made an Autumn 'den' indoors and used magnifying glasses to explore some of our Autumn 'finds' in more detail; leaves, acorns, beech nuts and conkers!

We started to make some Autumn 'shakers' using green plastic bottles. We put our counting skills to good use by counting out 6 hazelnuts to go inside the shakers. Next week we shall decorate the bottles and then make some music!

We made lovely Autumn collage pictures and headbands.

We have many opportunities, both indoors and outdoors to practise our mark making skills and cutting skills.

We set upour indoor role play area as a bakery following on from last week's bread-baking session. We made some lovely birthday cakes and counted the candles!

Making a very long 'snake'!

Look, I can make every gear move!

We drew circles and then turned them into pictures!

Do you like my picture?

Week 7

Week beginning 19/10/15

We continued with our Autumn theme this week. We explored some Autumn 'fruits'; pumpkins and apples; and focused on some of the animals you see out and about at this time of year, particularly squirrels and hedgehogs, and discovered how they prepare for the winter ahead.

We centred some of our work round 2 main stories; 'It was a cold dark night' about a hedgehog named Ned who was looking for a home to hibernate in, and 'After the Storm' about Percy the Park keeper helping his animal friends find a new place to live after an Autumn storm had blown down the tree that they depended on for their homes.

We listened to a story about a little boy seeking a red 'house' with no windows, no doors, and a star inside ... it turned out to be a beautiful red apple which was blown down by the wind - if you cut the apple in a certain way you will see a star holding the apple seeds. As the story was told we followed the boy's journey along a 'story map', which the children enjoyed 'enhancing' afterwards.

After we'd listened to the Percy the Park Keeper story 'After the Storm', we drew a very large tree on some paper on the ground and then added homes for all of Percy's animal friends. We also made some dens for some animals,and enjoyed playing with Percy the Park Keeper puppets.

We ended the week by making some popcorn - we examined the hard corn kernels before they went into the microwave, enjoyed listening to the 'popping' whilst they cooked, and we were then fascinated to observe the difference in the corn when they came out. They were very tasty - we watched a Percy the Park Keeper DVD while we ate them and invited some of Percy's animal friends to join us!

Week 8

Week beginning 02/11/15
We started our 'Traditional Tales' half-term topic. We focused on the story 'The Enormous Turnip' this week. We read several slightly different versions, used one of the versions to sequence the order of people and animals who helped pull out the turnip, and then created our own version of the story. We decided the old man and the old lady who grew the turnip lived at the zoo and called upon different zoo animals to help them pull! We painted pictures to tell the story - take a look on our display board.

As a result of the 'Enormous turnip' story we investigated the vocabulary and concept of 'push' and 'pull'. We explored different everyday objects and decided whether we had to push them or pull them to make them move.

During child-initiated play, some of the children decided to set up a ticket office for a train station. Interest spread and soon most of the children were playing the same game. They built a 'train' out of classroom chairs, drew a train track on a length of paper, had a train driver and a platform attendant and went on many journeys!

We also spent the 5th of November undertaking bonfire-related activities and talking about keeping safe.

When we opened a new bag of sand for the outdoor sand pit we were delighted to find a worm inside! We all had a good look then re-homed it in the eco-garden!

We love to explore the nursery rhyme story bags that are always available. We use the props inside to retell the rhymes.

Do you like the diniosaur I made out of stickle bricks?

Sorting the wild animals during small world play.

Enjoying the space of the large outdoor play ground.

Making a 'home' for the snakes and then feeding them!

Drawing some fish!

Week 9

Week beginning 09/11/15

We continued our traditional tales topic this week by focusing on 'Goldilocks and the 3 bears'. We listened to the story, watched a puppet show, and finished the week by putting on a performance for the Reception children. To do this, we had to learn some songs and act out the story. Everyone really enjoyed it!

It rained a lot this week - so we decided to base some of our activities on the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy spider. We counted his spider legs and gave him some wellington boots! We also went on a 'spider hunt' outside and used our outdoor number line to check when we had found all the missing spiders and to calculate how many we still had to find. The rain on the roof of our covered outdoor area made a wonderful noise. We took the rain makers outside to compare the noise. The rain was so heavy that they weren't loud enough - so we had to take out our enormous rain maker and listen to that!

Week 10

Week beginning 16/11/15
This week we looked in more detail at shapes, particularly circles. We went on a circle 'walk' outside and found circles are everywhere!
We used shapes in our drawings and played games to re-inforce our familiarity with shape names.

The focus of our 'traditional tale' this week was the 'Princess and the Pea'. We enjoyed listening to the story, and using the small world story bag objects and role play 'palace' to retell the story and to act as a stimulus in our play to create our own narratives.

We also used our knowledge of shapes to make crowns, and made pictures of the princess lying on top of all the mattresses.

We added glitter to our playdough to make it fit for a real Princess!

The Mobilo construction kit took on new meaning when we found we could make fantastic transformers with it!

Using our knowlwdge of numbers to order the teddy bears correctly.

Following on from some of our phonics sessions, the resources are available for the children to play with independently. Here, we'd made 'silly soup' with things that rhymed with 'pea'!

Some of the children decided to set up a bus station ticket office again outside.

Week 11

Week beginning 23/11/15

This week we began the rehearsals for our Christmas Nativity. We listened to the Christmas story and started learning some of the songs for our performance.

We focused on one of our favourite nursery rhymes, Humpty Dumpty, for some of our activities, particularly in our phonics sessions. We collaged a large group Humpty Dumpty for display, and also each made individual smaller ones. We made up new names for our Humpties which rhymed with Humpty Dumpty. You can see them on display in our classroom. We also played a Humpty Dumpty skittles game, counting how many we knocked down each time and keeping the score. Unlike 'all the king's horses and all the king's men' we played a dice game where we did manage to put Humpty back together again!

Spring Term

Week 1

Week beginning 05/01/16

The book focus this week was Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper. It tells the story of a little girl who leaves her favourite toy, a white rabbit called Tatty Ratty, behind on a bus. Tatty Ratty has a number of adventures including; a visit to the 3 bears' house where he eats too much of their porridge; a ride in a pumpkin carriage with Cinderella; getting captured by a bunch of mouse pirates; and being rescued by a dragon who flies him to the moon. Many of our classroom activities this week have been based on Tatty Ratty and his adventures, and we set up the role play area to be a pirate's ship!

Each Friday one child from Nursery will take Tatty Ratty home for the weekend, accompanied by a 'diary' to record some of the new 'adventures' Tatty Ratty experiences when visiting. On Monday morning that child will return Tatty Ratty and share the diary with the rest of the group. Everyone will have a turn before the summer holidays.


We used a pirate's 'treasure island' to learn and practise prepositions and positional language

Just like the man in the moon that Tatty Ratty met, we baked, then ate, some 'moon cakes' sprinkled with 'moon dust'.

We made some fantastic treasure maps.

We enjoyed 'decorating' parts of the role play area with fishes and sharks swimming in the sea surroundingthe pirate ship!

Week 2

Week beginning 11/01/16
This week we welcomed 8 new children to our Nursery class. Much of the week was about helping those children to settle and understand the classroom environment and routines. We also explored 'Winter'. We went on a 'winter walk' looking for signs of winter, talked about how to keep warm in winter, and talked about winter weather. We explored ice using all our senses and found out about animals who live in the coldest parts of the world. We made an igloo in role play and used it as a reading 'den' to look at books about winter. We painted some lovely pictures of snowmen and gave some of them scarves with colourful repeating patterns.

Week 3

Week Beginning 18/01/16

This week we started our new topic for this half-term 'Food'.

The focus this week was on our favourite food. During circle time we all talked about our favourite food. We listened to the story 'The Gruffalo' and discussed the Gruffalo's favourite food! - we set up our role play as a 'Gruffalo cafe' where we sold 'scrambled snake', 'owl ice-cream', roasted fox sandwiches, and Gruffalo crumble!

Week beginning 25/01/16

This week our focus was on healthy eating. We started the week by listening to the story of 'The tiger who came to tea'. We received a letter from the zoo keeper the following day to say that the tiger had suffered a terrible tummy ache after eating al the wrong kind of food. We learned about which foods were good for you and helped the tiger by sorting a selection of foods into those which were good for you and those which were not.

We set up our role play as a doctor's surgery and many of our activities throughout the week had a 'tiger' theme.

Week 5

Week beginning 01/02/16

This week we looked at different food from around the world. We looked at some food labels and packaging and found out where the food came from using our world map. We set up our role play as a pizza shop and had great fun making and selling pizzas. We even made our own mini pizzas which we baked in Mrs.Farley's oven. They were delicious!

Our story focus this week was 'Little Red Riding Hood'. We drew pictures of food in a basket to take to Grandma's house and we learnt some new songs to help us retell the story. We watched a puppet show and then had fun using the puppets to put on our own show.

We were delighted to discover a new 'music centre' in our outdoor area. It makes lots of noise and is great fun - take a look at the pictures below!

Some of us also had great fun using our new wooden meccano set.

Week 6

Week beginning 08/02/16

This week we looked at 'Celebration food'. We particularly focused on food eaten to celebrate Chinese New Year which began on Monday 8th February, and Pancake Day which was on Tuesday 9th February.

We read the story 'Kipper's Birthday' by Mick Inkpen and discussed the food we often have to celebrate at a birthday party. On Friday we organised a surprise birthday party for Kipper who was 5 years old! We very carefully made some jelly which we shared during our snack on Friday along with some birthday cake, and then played some birthday party games which was a great way to end the half term!

Week 7

Week beginning 22/02/16

This week we began our new topic for this half-term, 'Toys'. We looked at our favourite toys as well as toys from the past. We started the week with the book 'Kipper's toybox' and looked at Kipper's favourite toys.

We looked at some toys from the past on the computer and discussed the similarities and differences between then and now. We made our own 'cup and ball' game using a paper cup which we decorated. We set up a toy shop in the role play area.

Using the outdoor space to play a maths game - we rolled the large dice, counted the number of dots, and then had to try and throw the bean bag into the hoop with the corresponding number of animal toys in.

We made the traditional 'cup and ball' game from a decorated paper cup and a silver foil ball. It was great fun but very hard to get the ball into the cup!

Week 8

Week beginning 29/02/16

This week we celebrated World Book day on 3rd March. Everyone came to school dressed in their pyjamas or onesies and brought their favourite bedtime book with them.

Our focus this week was exploring story 'settings'. Given our pyjama 'theme' for World Book Day, we decided to look at books set in the night time. Many of them included books about owls. This led us onto looking at information books about owls, finding information out from the computer, and making model owls from paper cups!

We also enjoyed making gifts for Mother's Day!

Week 9

Week Beginning 07/03/16

We continued with our 'Toys' topic this week, looking at puppets and moving toys. We started the week by watching a puppet show of the '3 Billy Goats Gruff'.

Everyone then made their own finger puppet out of felt. They then worked in small groups to produce a puppet show - giving their finger puppet an identity, creating the background scenery and writing a story. Each group then performed their show in front of the class!

Week 10

Week beginning 14/03/16

This week we started looking at Spring. We went for a walk round the school field looking for 'signs' of Spring. We equipped ourselves with magnifying glasses, clipboards and paper, and our new class 'tuff' camera. All of the children had a go at taking some pictures! We saw some lovely Spring flowers including daffodils, celandines and daisies. We noticed buds beginning to form on many of the trees and bushes and there were more insects and birds to observe. It was a beautifully clear blue sky day - the sun was out although it was still a little chilly.

Unfortunately Class 1's camera has developed a fault and so the following photographs are a little distorted.

The weather remained dry and bright for most of the week which gave us a chance to Spring clean our bikes, scooters and cars ... So, we set up a car wash in the big playground!

Mrs.Wynne brought some daffodils into the classroom that she had picked from her own garden. We had a really close look at all the different parts of the flowers and then drew some wonderful pictures of them using chalk. We chose our colours very carefully to match the daffoldils. These pictures are now up on display in the classroom - please feel free to come and have a look.

The lovely weather also meant we could visit the Eco area!

We played some of our phonics games in the Eco area.

We enjoy playing lots of different board games which helps develop and consolidate our maths skills as well as helping us to play within set rules and waiting to take our turn.

Week 11

Week beginning 21/03/16
We spent the week learning about Easter and undertaking lots of different Easter related crafts and activities. We played Easter-themed games in maths and went on an Easter egg hunt!

Summer Term

Week 1

Week beginning 11/04/16
We were very excited this week to take delivery of some frog spawn from Ellie's grandma. We housed them in a tank in our classroom and focused our learning for the week on the lifecycle of a frog. We read lots of frog and tadpole related books such as the 'Teeny Weeny tadpole' as well as some non-fiction books, and based some of our maths activities on the counting rhyme '5 little speckled frogs'.

Week 2

Week beginning 18/04/16

This week we welcomed 5 new starters to our class! We started our topic for this half term 'Growing Plants'. This week we explored different seeds - we observed and compared shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. We drew round our hands and cut them out. We then made lovely collage pictures sticking different seeds onto our hand shapes. We grew some egg cress heads and were amazed at how quickly the seeds began to produce tiny shoots.

We are very grateful to Mrs. Shankland for buying us a new camera - so hopefully the pictures will be smudge-free now!

Week 3

Week beginning 25/04/16
This week we explored beans and the life cycle of a plant. We read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, and 'Jasper's Beanstalk'. Some of the older children worked together to draw a huge story map to retell the story of Jack and the beanstalk. We 'wrote' an extra page for Jasper's beanstalk - to show what happened to Jasper when he climbed to the top of his beanstalk. We planted our own runner bean seed in a clear plastic cup using wet paper towels instead of soil so that we could see when the root and the shoot started to appear. We worked hard on some of our number skills this week.

Week 4

Week beginning 02/05/16
This week we looked at flowers. We learnt about the different parts of a flower - petal, stem, leaf and roots. We went on a 'flower hunt' outside and recorded the different colours that we found. The children used their own 'tuff camera' to record their finds. We read 2 lovely books; 'Planting a rainbow' and 'Ben plants a butterfly garden'. We decided that we would also like to plant a butterfly garden in the eco-area. We have bought some wild flower seeds and are just waiting for Mrs. Wynne to clear some ground! This co-incided nicely with the arrival of 5 'pet' caterpillars into our classroom. We will watch them as they develop from caterpillar to butterfly over the next few weeks and then release them to live in our eco garden.

Week 5

Week beginning 09/05/16

This week we focused on growing plants to eat. We read 'Oliver's vegetables' and 'Oliver's fruit' about a little boy who thought he didn't like eating fruit or vegetables until he tried those which his grandfather had grown - and discovered he liked them very much! We made our own fruit salad, learning to use a cutting knife very carefully, and enjoyed eating it at snack time. We re-planted our runner bean plants from the clear plastic cups to a small pot with soil in - some of them had grown very tall already - we took them home at the end of the week to continue growing in our own gardens. We did lots of work on different heights and lengths.

The weather was wonderfully warm - we spent a lot of time in the Eco-garden, playing and gardening!

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