Class 6


Welcome to Class 6!

Class 6 is made up of 15 wonderful children from Year 6! These children are taught by Mrs.Singleton and supported by Mrs.Bell in the mornings. They are a very helpful and polite group who work hard to achieve their targets.


Year 6 painted and personalised their Santa boots - for our boot hunt around school.

Van Gogh

Class 5 and 6 have enjoyed spending time learning about Van Gogh and his style of painting and we have taken great pride in our paintings of the famous sunflower! Come and have a look in our middle area.


13/11/14 - The Rules of Debate

We debated whether it would be better to be home schooled or to be in school.


 Gymnastics - Year 5 & 6 working with partners to mirror balances.


19/11/14 - Cathedral Trip to Newcastle

Years 5 and 6 visited Newcastle Cathedral.


Mini Cheesecakes

Year 6 made baked cheesecake, a traditional Jewish sweet, with Mr. Crouch, our visiting chef.


06/11/14 - Reversible & Irreversible Changes - Week 1

We investigated what happens to different materials when they are mixed with water.

13/11/14 - Reversible & Irreversible Changes - Week 2

We investigated how soluble and insoluble materials could be separated from water.

18/11/14 - Reversible & Irreversible Changes - Week 3

Irreversible Reactions - The Mentos Challenge

Special Events

Red Nose Day

Life in Israel

Mr. and Mrs. Halliwell visited school to talk about life in Israel. Their son is married to a Jewish lady and they live in Tel Aviv.

19/11/14 - Cathedral Trip to Newcastle

Years 5 and 6 visited the Cathedral in Newcastle.

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