Class 5


We are currently learning about Biographies and Autobiographies in Literacy. We have looked at some biographies on Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo and we have also written our own autobiographies. Next week, we wil be researching a famous person from the Aztec period and writing up their Biography.

Summer Term
We have started a new book this term called 'Stay where you are and then leave' by John Boyne. To introduce the book we read chapter one and have written a diary entry on an important event in the story. See below our role playing activities to help inspire us to write an emotional diary entry.



We are learning all about Fractions and decided to play a game to understand equivalent fractions. We were given a number of throws that we had to achieve and write how many we achieve out of the throws as a fraction. Once we all completed our task, we then had to compare our fractions and work out which was bigger.

We have now been learning how to add and subtract fractions using paper cups that have been divided into equal parts, halves, quarters, whole cups. By the end of this activity we were able to mentally add and subtract some fraction calculations by visualising the cups to support us.


We are learning how to convert measures in numeracy from mm to cm, cm to mm etc. We measured our heights, the length of our feet and some of us even measured the perimeter of the classroom using the knowledge we have of measuring length!


European Project

Class 5 were given a European Project for our Spring term and didn't they do great!! You can see from the pictures, the children really enjoyed creating these projects and have learned a lot, not only about Europe but about presentation skills and we also used some of our speaking and listening skills to present these projects. Have a look at what a great job they have done! A very proud Miss O'Donnell.



We decided to end our topic with a WOW factor and we went right back to the beginning of when chocolate was discovered 3,100 years ago by the Aztecs. Firstly, we decided to have a taster of all the different types of chocolate, 85% cocoa and dark chocolate and use good describing words to help explain their tastes. There were mixed views!

Then we decided it would be interesting to taste the hot chocolate the Aztecs drank in comparison to your hot chocolate today. We used our evaluating skills to compare and contrast. Not surprisingly, only two of us liked the Aztec hot chocolate, words used to describe it were "too strong", "overpowering" and "bitter". We then designed our very own hot chocolate and had a taste test. Courageously, some of us even experimented with new tastes such as, orange, ginger and cinnamon! We thoroughly enjoyed ending our topic with learning all about the importance of chocolate and the Aztecs.


Van Gogh
Class 5 and 6 have enjoyed spending time learning about Van Gogh and his style of painting and we have taken great pride in our paintings of the famous sunflower! Come and have a look in our middle area.


Jewish Topic
We were fortunate to have Mrs.Prescott in to help us understand a little bit more about the Jewish Community and their beliefs. We firstly organised what we believed to be the order of the 'creation story' and learned more about it to organise ourselves correctly second time round. We then discovered some of the different things that Jewish girls and boys can and cannot do during the Jewish Sabbath. Luckily for the Jewish boys they are allowed to play football during the Jewish Sabbath! Finally, we tasted some of the Jewish bread they eat during the Sabbath, can you remember what it was called? To end our afternoon, we summed up what we believed was important about the Jewish traditions and beliefs by writing some poems and some of us even wanted to read theirs out.
The Passover
We have been learning all about different aspects of the Jewish people and their religion. In preparation for our trip to the Jewish Exhibition in Tuille House, we created some freeze frames about the story of the Passover.

Pharaoh, the King of Egypt, ordered that all the Jewish baby boys should be killed. One Jewish mother decided to try and save her son by putting him in a basket on the river Nile so that a kind person might find him.

The Pharaoh's daughter found the baby and took him to her palace as her son. She called him Moses.

When Moses grew up he went out one day and saw a taskmaster beating a Jewish slave. He was so angry that he in turn attacked the taskmaster, then he was so frightened that he ran away.

Moses ran into the desert where he saw a bush which was on fire, but did not seem to be burning. "Go to Pharaoh and tell him to LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Pharaoh refused, so God sent plagues to his country.

Moses told the Jewish people to prepare to leave the country very quickly. Moses told them paint the blood of the lamb on their doorposts so they would be recognised as Jewish houses where the first born sons would not die.

Moses parted the sea for the Jewish people to get across, the waters closed after them to stop the Egyptians.


We are learning all about Aztecs in our topic this term and so, to link with this we have been learning all about different types of traditions and dancing during the Aztec times and also Salsa and Cuban dancing.

Tag Rugby: Class 5 & 6 are learning the skills for tag rugby with our mascot Ruckley! We have been learning to balance on one leg while throwing the ball back and forth to our partners, we have managed to reach 73 throws without losing our balance or dropping the ball!

This term Year 5 & 6 are practicing our gym skills. We have been learning about all different types of balances, such as pair balances! We have been enjoying practicing the 'bunk bed' balance the most! See below for some amazing pictures showing our skills! We are aiming to perform a sequence of six movements including rolling, jumping and four different balances.


Year 5 and 6 were given a great opportunity for 6 hours over 6 weeks to learn some multi-skills with Rob from Chris Wright's P.E. programme.

They really enjoyed practising different skills such as balancing, using their strength to help do this. We played dodge ball games and even Miss O'Donnell and Miss Maddah, our trainee, got involved (happily)!


Year 5 and 6 are currently training for a rugby tournament that will take place in a couple of weeks time!

So far, we have been learning all about agility, backward passing and the rules of the rugby game so that we can be at our best for this tournament! Wish us luck!


4th December 2014
Each week we take some time to deepen our thinking skills with P4C. We are given a stimulus; a story, video etc. and we generate some questions on ideas we thought about during the story or video we watched. Today, we had a very good discussion. The final question, that we take an omnivote on, is a question that can be discussed by anyone, so why not have a go and talk with your child about today's question.


Earth, Sun and Moon

4th December 2014
Each week we take some time to deepen our thinking skills with P4C. We are given a stimulus; a story, video etc. and we generate some questions on ideas we thought about during the story or video we watched. Today, we had a very good discussion. The final question, that we take an omnivote on, is a question that can be discussed by anyone, so why not have a go and talk with your child about today's question.

Riversible and Irreversible materials

To begin our 'Reversible and Irreversible Materials' topic in Science this term , we investigated lots of ways materials react when they are mixed with water. We had lots of fun investigating and finding different results.


Today, after investigating, a couple of children volunteered to demonstrate their findings to the class, showing which materials were soluble and could be separated from each other and which could not.

Someone suggested separating sand and water by pouring the water into the other cup. Emily came up to demonstrate to see if this would work and if it was the best way to separate the materials. Have a go and ask your children what we learned about this!


Currently in Year 5 we are learning about life cycles of animals and plants. To help build a better understanding of the life cycle we dissected a real lily flower to help us label the parts of a plant and what their functions were in relation to the life cycle of plants. Being able to explore and touch the plant itself really brought to life the idea of a plant's life cycle.
To help us learn all about insulation, we carried out an experiment throughout the day, taking measurements of the water from three bottles wrapped in different materials. Once we gathered all the results, we wrote up our experiment and came up with a conclusion about which was the best insulator. We had fun being like real scientists for the day!!

Cockermouth School Science Day

Year 5 had a wonderful opportunity to visit Cockermouth High School's Ecocentre. We started our morning by visiting their woodland area! We used our observation skills and with the help of some top tip cards and the Year 8 children, we were able to identify some of the trees and discovered the Sycamore tree was the most common tree in the wood!

After this we had a look around the Eco Centre's green rooms where we came across all sorts of plants from around the world; Cactus plants and even plants from the rainforest! The children commented on the heat of the room which led to a discussion as to why they were so warm? Perhaps you could ask them?

We even had the opportunity to catch some tadpoles and see some frogs; one child even managed to see a frog up close - it jumped on her back to be exact!

We ended our day with a sharing session on all the wonderful wild things we had seen throughout the day.

Year 5, myself and Mrs Bell thoroughly enjoyed our day!

Thank you Cockermouth School!

Special Events

06/03/15 - World Book Day!
As a class we decided to take advantage of our characters and used role play as our characters to inspire us for our Big Write session!

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Red Nose Day - 13/03/15

Newcastle Trip - Jewish Synagogue and Cathedral
To help us understand a bit more about the differences and similarities of the Jewish Synagoge and Cathedral, we took a trip to Newcastle to find out for ourselves! We enjoyed experiencing both buildings and what they have in common and what was different. Owen was even dressed up in what a Jewish boy of his age would wear to the Synagogue. He even got to choose his own Kippah ... his favourite football team ... Manchester United!

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