Class 4

Meet Class 4!


Reading Zone
Class 4 love our new Reading Zone! We take it in turns to go in and enjoy some 'free reading'.


We enjoyed playing a game based on connectives to help us improve our sentences in our writing.
Mousehole Cat
In Literacy we have been sharing a 'Power of Reading' book called the Mousehole Cat. We have produced writing about 'The Great Storm' and also produced some art work.

Lowerswater Trip

This week in Literacy we have been using the photographs and texture palates we produced during our Loweswater trip to help us describe a forest.
Did you know there is a troll who lives in a special tree with a magic door in Loweswater forest? Our class received an urgent letter from the National Trust Ranger at Loweswater explaining how he had seen a troll in the forest.
We also received a package containing items that belonged to the troll.

In class we talked about the troll and came up with lots of questions that we would like to ask the troll. We then asked our questions during a hot seat activity. Our troll had lots to say!

The following week we had an unexpected visit from another National Trust worker who had seen the troll and spoken to him. He visited our class to tell us of his experience.

We have written about what we imagine the troll's house looks like and where the magic door leads.

We have also written a newspaper article about the troll and presented the news!

Next time you are at Loweswater keep your eyes peeled - you never know what might be lurking in the shadows!


Lines of Symmetry
We have enjoyed using the computers and iPads to investigate lines of symmetry.


As part of our capacity topic, we practised pouring different amounts of liquid into measuring cylinders which held different capacities.

3D Shapes

We have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes. We enjoyed using art straws and polydron to build them!

Real Life Problem-solving

In numeracy we have been working on developing our real life skills - We have been learning about money. We have been learning to calculate costs and change as well as solving problems.


In P.E. we have been focusing on gymnastics. We worked in small groups and created a floor routine that included rolls, balances, jumps and use of different levels.

Class 4 have been working with professional tennis coach David Wise to improve their tennis skills.

Class 4 are very lucky to be working with a coach from Workington town RLFC in their PE sessions.


In science we have been learning about different changes. We have explored what happens when an ice cube sits on top of a plate on top of a bowl of water. We thought about why the ice cube melted and why there was water on the underside of the plate. We also explored what happens to chocolate when it is heated and we made some chocolate crispy cakes! Delicious!!
We have been learning about light. We went outside to explore shadows and look at how they change size and shape.

Changing sounds - we did some experiments to prove that sound is created when objects or materials vibrate.

Class 4 have been learning about animals in their recent science topic. As a piece of homework, they were asked to research all about an animal of their choice. They were then asked to present their work to the rest of the class. Well done Class 4!


We linked our art to our topic 'Cumbria'. We chose images that reminded us of Cumbria and created our art work using oil pastels. If you look closely you might recognise some of our scenes.

When we visited Loweswater we collected natural materials and created a texture palate. We used our texture palates when we were back at school to remind us of the different colours and textures of the forest. We also used them to help us describe a forest setting.


Class 4 have been learning about different places of Christian worship as part of their R.E. topic this term. We have visited St.Joseph's Catholic Church and 'Friends Meeting House' in Cockermouth and compared the buildings and the differences in how worship takes place. We will also visit the Anglican Church in the village.



We enjoyed watching a demonstration from professional chef John Crouch who cooked Bully beef stew and macaroni pudding, which are traditional war time recipes. We got to taste them too!

Judaism Topic - Trip to Newcastle

Class 4 went to Newcastle to visit a Synagogue and a Cathedral. In a Synagogue we learnt about how Jewish people worship and also looked at some special Jewish artefacts. We then compared the Synagogue to the Cathedral.

We also visited the Jewish Living Exhibition at Tuille House and learnt all about the Jewish traditions and festivals.

In class we worked with a partner and created a PowerPoint about Judaism. We also wrote poems about Shabbat and created work about the Creation Story.

Cumbrian Food

We have been learning about Cumbria and even got the chance to taste some Cumbrian delicacies. Most of us enjoyed the Cumberland sausage and the Kendal mint cake.

We wrote words to describe the taste.

We then worked together to make our own lunch, and enjoyed eating it!

Loweswater Trip

On Thursday 18th September, as part of our Cumbria Topic, Class 4 visited Loweswater and spent the day with Mark Astley (National Trust Ranger) exploring the landscape.

The children explored the hedgerows around the lake and found over twenty different species of trees and plants.
Mark talked about the different uses of the surrounding land and how it has changed over the years. We really enjoyed learning about the different trees and habitats in the forest. Did you know that at Loweswater there is a forest in the shape of a bird?
We ate lunch by the lake and enjoyed the view of the mountains.
After lunch we split into groups and started to use our senses to explore the area.
We all got the chance to use the ipads and do some photography work taking pictures of things that we thought were special about Loweswater.
Some of us chose to take scenic photographs whilst others decided to get up-close to nature.
We explored the different textures of the forest and made our own texture palates to take back to class and remind us of the forest.
We worked in pairs doing a blindfolding task where one person explored the area focusing on what sounds we could hear and using touch to describe different surfaces. The other person guided their partner round and made sure they were safe.

Special Events

Red Nose Day - 13/03/15

World Book day 06/03/15
Class 4 celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as a character from one of David Walliams books.

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