Lunchtime Activity Club

Lunchtime Activity Club set up in 2014 with the aim of giving all pupils a more structured lunchtime during which they can access a whole range of activities such as different sports, games, imaginative play, crafts and many more things, should they wish to.


After attending an extremely interesting course (Positive Playgrounds by Jenny Mosley) was decided to divide our school outdoor area into different 'ZONES' and have a different activity in each of these areas – offering something for ALL pupils.  


We appointed Young Leaders (years 5 & 6) and Playground Helpers (years 2-6) to help run the activities on offer.  

Prospective Young Leaders apply for their position at the start of each academic year (three or four positions available in each year) and are interviewed by The School Council before being appointed.  Each appointed Young Leader receives a special Young Leader hoodie with their name on the back so they are easily identifiable to all other pupils who may require their help and guidance.  

The role of a Playground Helper is a voluntary one aimed at assisting the Young Leaders in running their weekly activity.  There is a weekly Rota for them to follow ensuring everyone knows where and what their weekly responsibilities are. Each Young Leader and Playground Helper will have experience of all the activities on offer at some point during each half term and they also have a 'week off duty' regularly so they can have a rest from responsibilities.  These Young Leaders and Playground Helpers receive two sessions of training from Chris Wright of Wrights Sports Services at the start of each academic year.  This training is aimed at giving them the skills and confidence to independently lead activities and in doing so develop their team work, communication and leadership skills whilst at the same time promoting a healthy active lifestyle for themselves and their peers.

Young Leaders 2018-19

Year 6 : Anya, Ellie, Faye, Elliot, Jake, Maisie, Jayden, Oliver, 

Playground Helpers 2018-19

Year 3,4 and 5 : Lucas, Bobby, Hannah, Lauren, Meya, Lexie, Brogan, Molly, Oliver C, Sammi-Nicole, Reuben, Jake 

Reward Cards

There are rewards for Participation and Effort in ALL the lunchtime activities to encourage the pupils further.  

Every pupil has a Reward Card in the colour of their school house team.

Green – Ennerdale

Red – Bassenthwaite

Blue – Derwentwater

Yellow – Crummock

Each day, if pupils participate in an activity on offer for approximately half of the lunch hour  AND they hand in their Reward Card at the end of the lunchtime, that pupil receives a 1 point sticker on their card.  If they participate every day of the week an additional 5 point large sticker is also awarded.  Each week points are totalled and at the end of the Academic Year total points are collated and the winning house is awarded the Lunchtime Activity Trophy. Certificates are also awarded to the highest point scorers in each year group during the end of year assembly.


Young Leader Certificate

Playground Helper Certificate

Highest Point Scorer Certificate


Activities in Action

 The following slide show shows some of our Lunchtime Activities in action.

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