Teaching Assistants

Mrs Vivienne Bell - Senior Teaching Assistant (Year 1)

Hello, I'm Mrs. Bell, Senior Teaching Assistant working as a 1:2:1 support with a child with an EHCP in the mornings. In previous years, I have usually worked in a whole class setting, and so I am looking forward to undertaking this new role. I also teach French to classes from Year 1 upwards for one afternoon every week. 



Mrs Anne Davis - Senior Teaching Assistant (Year 2)

I have been working here since 2001, although I have been involved with school for a long time. My three sons all attended Broughton Primary school and I came in as a volunteer when my youngest started in 1996. I work in KS1 and spend the mornings in Class 4 with Miss Robinson. In the afternoons I take individual children or small groups and work with them to improve their literacy skills. I am trained to deliver ELS, Cumbria Reading Intervention and Catch Up Literacy programmes.



Mrs Martha Greenbank - Senior Teaching Assistant (Year 1)

I have been working at BPS for the last five years as an STA. I work with children in Year 1 and I am also responsible for the displays throughout school. I have worked with children in many different settings since I was 18 and enjoy the challenges that this type of work brings!



Mrs Kerry Fitzsimmons - Senior Teaching Assistant (Year 3/4)

Hi, I'm Kerry, Senior Teaching Assistant with Year 3/4 in the mornings and throughout school in the afternoon. I'm looking forward to the year ahead, watching all the children rise to the challenges and enjoying the activities that are in store for them.


Ms Amanda Cockton - Teaching  (Year 1)

Hello my name is Amanda Cockton and I live in the village. I am currently a Teaching Assistant working with Reception in the mornings and throughout the school in the afternoons which I am thoroughly enjoying.




Mrs. Lynsey Turpin - Senior Teaching Assistant (Year 5/6)

 This will be my fourth year at Broughton Primary and I am still thoroughly enjoying my time here. For the past three years I have worked as a Senior Teaching Assistant with Year 3/4. However, this year will be my first year supporting Year 5/6 every morning as a Senior Teaching Assistant and I am then the class teacher every afternoon. 




Mr Alex Ward - Apprentice Teaching Assistant (Reception)

Hello, my name is Alex Ward and I live in Broughton. I am currently an Apprentice Teaching Assistant in Reception. I also came to school here as a child.


 Miss Rebecca Vevers - Teaching Assistant (1:2:1  Year 3/4)

Hello. I'm Rebecca Vevers and I work every morning as a 1:2:1 support for a child in Class 5. I have worked at Broughton Primary School for a few years now and really enjoy working in a small village school setting. 




 Miss Sarah Lomax - Teaching Assistant (Nursery) and Playtime Activity organiser

Hello I'm Sarah Lomax and I have worked at Broughton Primary School for the past two years serving my apprenticeship and I am now fully qualified. I work in Nursery in the mornings and am also the Playground Activity Organiser at lunchtime. During the lunch hour I organise different activities such as football, hockey, dance and skipping for children throughout the school and the Young Leaders help me. I love my job, seeing children of all ages playing together and growing in confidence in both their learning and their social skills.


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