Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs. Audrey Law - Midday Supervisor

Hi, my name is Audrey Law. I have worked at Broughton Primary School for over 12 months as a Lunchtime Supervisor. I enjoy my job looking after the children as everyone I work with is so friendly. School has always been a big part of my life as all my family has attended the school.



Mrs. Susan Hewitson - Midday Supervisor

I am a Midday Supervisor and love my role within the school.  I was born and bred in Broughton and all my family live in Broughton.  I know a lot of people in Broughton and together with others, I get involved in a lot of fund raising events within the village.






 Mrs. Jill Johnston - Midday Supervisor

My name is Jill Johnston and I was born and bred in Broughton and still live here.  I attended Broughton School over 30 years ago.  Both my children are at Broughton School and enjoy the friendly village environment.


 Miss Rebecca Vevers - Midday Supervisor

My name is Rebecca Vevers and I work as a midday supervisor on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

I also work as a Teaching Assistant in school every morning. 

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