KS1 Science

KS1 Science is not running this term.

Week 1        7.2.17

This week we all made a variety of different aeroplanes and tested them for their ability to fly.

First we just scrunched up a sheet of paper and made a rough sphere (no room for passengers!), then we made paper planes by folding a sheet of A4 paper. Finally we made hoop planes. These worked really well, the two sizes of hoops helped to keep the straw balanced. The big hoop created air resistance and kept the plane level while the smaller hoop at the front helped to keep the plane flying in a straight line. What would happen if the plane was launched little hoop first?

Week 2  14.2.17

This week was a very messy week as we made exploding lunch bags! We added a mixture of warm water and vinegar to a lunch bag then took it outside and added baking soda, sealed the bag, then waited! After a short time the bag began to fill with gas and expand - then BANG! and a big mess! The vinegar was reacting with the baking soda producing carbon dioxide. There was no room for the gas in the lunch bag, so it exploded!

Week 3    28.2.17

We made pulse meters using a drinking straw, a one pence coin and a blob of blue tack! Then we tested our heart rates and also found out how to use a stethoscope.

Last Year

Week 1

We had great fun making lava lamps and finding out about how different liquids and solids behave when we try to mix them up.

Week 2

We mixed up more magic ingredients this week and made our own home-made bubble solution and bubble wands. Why is it that the bubbles are always spherical, even though the wands were all different shapes?

Week 3

We were all entomologists this week and went on a mini beast hunt in the Eco area before it's too cold for the small creatures!

Week 4

This week our challenge was to make a balloon travel across the room using a piece of string, a drinking straw and two strips of tape! Everyone managed it, and found out that the air rushes out of the balloon creating a forward motion or pushing force, called thrust. So the air being pushed out of the balloon made the balloon travel along the string whilst taped to the straw!

Week 5

We had a really messy time making cornflour gloop! Then had a discussion about whether it is a liguid or a solid?

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