We have begun our new unit on Electricity. We started by learning about electrical saftety and electrical symbols to prepare us for a very special upcoming challenge.

Evolution & Inheritance

 We have been learning about variation in different types of animals and how they have adapted to survive in their environment. We have had some interesting converstations about inheritance and mutations and the children are interested in looking more into their families inherited characteristics. 

 We have even designed our own 'new species'to survive in a particular environment. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and the outcomes look amazing, I'm sure you'll agree. Here are some of our designs.

26.09.17  React Science and Engineering Show

Class 6 had a fantastic morning at Lakes College, watching the Science show 'It takes guts' by the London Science Museum. We learned all about what happens to our food as it travels through our digestive system in a fun (and disgusting) way!!!  

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