Over the year we will be learning about everyday materials, animals, seasons and plants.

Science Week 



We have loved science week. The children have been so excited to share things from home, from books to posters. 

I asked the children if they could find out the names of the 2 animals that lay eggs- William came in with one - a stuffed platypus! 

The children have really enjoyed investigating, asking questions and finding the answers.


We made our own versions of animal x-rays using art straws. 


Miss Lightfoot brought poo into school! We had to use what we know about animals and what they eat to work out which poo was from an omnivore, herbivore and carnivore. 

Maryport Aquarium

We had a fantastic time learning about stingrays- did you know they are part of the shark family! We also learned that sharks have 5 gill slits while fish only have 1. 

Warm-Blooded and Cold-Blooded

We've learned a couple of new words over the last few days and one of them is 'warm-blooded'. We looked at how a whale's body is designed to help keep it warm in the arctic waters. We modeled this using ice cold water and lard in a zip-lock bag! The lard represented the blubber and we put one (gloved) hand into the lard and one straight into the water. We found that the hand that was in the lard was warmer than the hand that was directly in the water. 


We were learning about the features of an amphibian. We found out that they have moist skin because they don't drink water they take it in through their skin. We performed an experiment to test this idea using eggs and food colouring. 


We learned about the features of a reptile. We created our own reptile to put what we had learned into practise. 

Fish and Birds

We learned how to identify if an animal is a bird or a fish. We learned about gills and had fun finding them on some of the models. We also liked watching a video about flying fish - he children were curious about fish having wings like birds! We found out that they're not actually wings, just their fins. 

Everyday Materials 

We've been investing materials such as metal, plastic, glass and wood. We did an experiment to test the properties of metal - we looked at how paperclips were magnet and how we could use a magnet to get it out of a glass of water. 

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