Understanding the World

Understanding the world focuses on three key areas:

  • People and Communities
  • The world
  • Technology

On this page you can see the activities we have been getting up to in school that help us develop our skills in this area.

E-Safety Day

For E-Safety day we talked about what the internet was? Where we can find the internet? What we use the internet for? We read a story about Smartie Penguin getting a new tablet for his birthday. We spoke about how if we see something strange on the internet we just ask an adult for help. We also learnt a new song about how to keep safe on the internet.  

Science Week - Materials

This week we met Discovery Dog and Naughty Nora for the first time. We needed to make Discovery Dog a new blanket as Naughty Nora had stolen his. We had a number of materials we could use. The children worked in teams to decide what material they thought would be the warmest by comparing them all. We tested the materials by wrapping plastic bottles in the materials, adding warm water and measuring how warm they kept the water by using a thermometer. 


We have been learning how to program the Beebots to move around our space map. They could press the buttons to move the Beebot forward, backwards and to turn sideways. 

Space Experiments

In our Space Topic we enjoyed setting up two experiments. We looked at mixing our baking soda planet with vinegar and talked about what was happening and why it happened. We also created moon craters by dropping different weighted stones into our moon sand to see if they would leave a crater shape.  

Forest Schools

We have attended Forest Schools in the Autumn Term and we are going again in the Spring Term. We love making and creating hats, dens and owls using natural materials.


We have been using our class ipads independently and with friends. We have been learning how to unlock the ipad, find a game, play the game and exit the game when we are finished. 

Nature Hunt

We went out to the Eco Garden in small groups looking for different things from nature. We spotted vegetables that had grown in the vegetable patch, fruit growing on the fruit trees, spiders webs and lots more. 

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