World War One

We took part in a Tommy Talks workshop which gave us an opportunity to study and handle real WWI artefacts. Some of the items gave us a deeper understanding of what life was like for those living in the trenches and fighting in the war including fragments of shrapnel which have been collected from the front lines. 

What a super class assembly based on World War One! We received lots of positive comments from pupils, parents and staff who were very impressed about the knowledge the children have about the Great War and their super performance skills. Well done Class 6! 

Our beautiful World War One class display...

On our trip to the Beacon last week, we discovered that during WWI, children collected eggs to send to soldiers on the front line and in hospital. They would write their names and addresses on the eggs so that the soldiers knew who had sent them. We used information from Mr Dobie's book to find that around 1700 eggs were sent from children in Broughton in one month. Isn't that amazing! 

A Brave New World visit to The Beacon Museum in Whitehaven. This was a great opportunity to study and handle artefacts and learn more about local fallen soldiers by visiting the Archive offices. We found examples of our artwork displayed in the gallery and our plastic bottle poppies will be on display on the grounds for Remembrance Sunday. 

We took a walk to our local church yard to see the War Memorial, as research for a WWI project we will be taking part in at The Beacon in Whitehaven.

We looked at some of the familiar names of those fallen from our local community and listed words that came to mind from the memorial stone. Some of these words included respect, bravery, freedom and pride. 

We have been studying how propaganda posters were used during the War. We then went on to design some of our own. 

Labelling the features of WWI trenches. We have been learning about what life was like for a soldier in the trenches. 

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