We will be doing a 'Science Week' every half term.

Spring 1 - Everyday Materials 

This half term we have been learning about everyday materials such as wood, plastic, stone, glass and metal. We investigated properties, sorted materials and had lots of fun looking for objects made of certain materials. We also had fun learning new vocabulary such as ‘transparent’ and ‘opaque’. 

Autumn 2 - Seasons (Autumn and Winter) 

We’ve come back from half term and things are starting to change. We’ve been looking at the seasons. We’ve taken the time to observe the weather and build some tools designed to help us do this. We’ll be looking at Autumn and Winter all the way to Christmas at Forest School, observing how it changes over the months. 

Forest School - we went on an Autumn walk. We were looking for signs of Autumn, we were spotting the different kinds of trees, deciduous and evergreen. 

We made graphs that showed how the temperature had changed over the week. We used the graph to write facts.   

We made weather vanes to check which direction the wind Was blowing, and if there was any wind at all! 

We went on an Autumn walk up to Soddy Gap. 

Autumn 1 - Our Bodies 

We kicked off the school year by learning all about our bodies. We did lots of fun and exciting activities as well as some investigating and graph making! 

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